Horizontal Directional Drilling is a trench-less method of installing piping and cable systems underground using highly specialized drilling equipment. Minimizing the environmental impact on the surrounding area, Horizontal Directional Drilling is best suited to applications where traditional trenching or excavating is either not practical or otherwise impossible. Installing piping, conduit or cabling underground via horizontal directional drilling is quickly becoming the preferred method of underground installation, worldwide. Providing a host of benefits from sheer speed to less noise and ecological disturbance.
Texas Directional Drilling

Directional driller operator/pot-holing laborer

1 year ago Garland Full-time $20  -  $27 per hour
(HDD LOCATOR) Operate Ditch Witch Subsite Locator unit (JT2020,JT520)Support prep work consisting of digging potholes/handholes, entry/exit pits, and other using hydro-excavation v...